Celebrating Success: Certificate Ceremony for Graduate Internship Programme

We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of a transformative 12-month graduate internship program in partnership with the Central University of Technology Innovation Services (CUTIS Lead Employer), Vodacom (Host Employer) and W&RSETA (Funder). The certificate ceremony, held to honor the accomplishments of our dedicated graduates from Central University of Technology, was a momentous occasion filled with pride and achievement.


Over the past year, talented graduates from CUT specializing in Management, Marketing, and IT embarked on an enriching journey as interns with Vodacom, a leading telecommunications company. This partnership aimed to provide these budding professionals with invaluable work experience, setting the stage for their future careers.


The Internship Experience:

The graduates immersed themselves in real-world scenarios, applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations under the mentorship of industry experts at Vodacom. This hands-on experience not only enhanced their skill sets but also groomed them for the dynamic challenges of their respective fields.

Notable Achievements:

We are delighted to share that several interns have secured permanent employment contracts with Vodacom, a testament to their dedication and the program’s success. Others have found exciting opportunities with industry partners, showcasing the broad impact of this internship initiative.

Certificate Ceremony Highlights:

The certificate ceremony was a joyous occasion marked by the presence of CUTIS/CUT, industry leaders, and proud families. Graduates were presented with certificates recognizing their hard work and commitment throughout the internship. Inspirational speeches from key figures underscored the significance of this milestone and encouraged the graduates to continue excelling in their careers.

Future Endeavors:

As these graduates move forward, we are confident that the skills acquired during this internship will serve as a solid foundation for their professional journeys. The success of this program reaffirms the importance of collaborative efforts between educational institutions and industry leaders in shaping the next generation of skilled professionals.


We extend our sincere gratitude to the Central University of Technology, Vodacom,  W&RSETA and all stakeholders involved for their unwavering support in making this internship program a resounding success. Together, we have empowered these graduates to thrive in their chosen fields.

Congratulations to the graduates on their achievements, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success in the future!